A Great Review From Rutgers Camden!

"After spending more than a decade of programming on my college campus I am still always looking for unique programs that truly bridge the gap between education and entertainment, that merge theory with practice, and that allow for full participation from our student leaders. The Trendsetters Tour is a perfect example of such an event that allows for us as programmers and educators to engage with our students to produce an event from beginning to middle to end, all the while possessing the ability to customize each step along the way - from personalized videos and shout outs on social media to advance interviews for your student newspaper or radio station, it’s all there to make the event “yours”. The Trendsetters Tour allows for us to interact with students from across campus and organizations in a genuinely democratic and holistic manner.

And it’s also a whole lot of fun!"

Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

Camden Campus

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